Hitler's Daughter and Much Ado About Nothing

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Hitler’s Daughter Photo From HOTA

Catch these new shows on the Gold Coast.

Hitler's Daughter

Based on the book by Jackie French, Hitler's Daughter is essential work. The play is set in an Australian countryside. Four children stand in wait for their school bus. To pass the time, they play a storytelling game. Under the shelter of the bus stop as the winds howl around them, Anna comes up with a fascinating tale.

The story is set in Berlin. It is the story of Heidi, the disfigured daughter of Hitler. In the midst of war, Heidi is hidden by her father. She has a unique perspective of the war raging around her. The kids are caught up in Anna's story. Mark parses for the truth in the tale. The story climaxes in the bombing of Berlin which marks the beginning of the end for Heidi.

Hitler's Daughter is a thought-provoking play that challenges perceptions. This rich material is fascinating. It shines a light on society's fears and prejudices. Don't miss this exciting play. Catch Hitler's Daughter from 12 September 2019 to Friday, 13 September 2019 at Home of the Arts.

Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare's comedy is as witty and relevant now as it was then. Claudio and Hero are genuinely in love contrast with Beatrice and Benedick who continuously bicker. Much Ado About Nothing is the spirited battle of wits between Beatrice and Benedick exploring the fine line between love and hate.

Much Ado About Nothing explores themes such as identity and self-awareness in a patriarchal world. One of the Bard's most celebrated modern comedies, Much Ado About Nothing is as funny as it is thought-provoking. Catch the show from September 4 - 5 at Home of the Arts.

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